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Occasion Organizer is one of the leading event consultants in Delhi/NCR region. Apart from managing events, our expertise lies in offering event consultation services for events. Our team possess in-depth understanding of the latest trends, customer requirements, the success parameters of an event, and the other intricate details of an event.

We are highly experienced in the event management industry and we are committed to extending our knowledge to assist you to host a highly customizable, comfortable, hassle-free, cost-effective, and a successful event.

In addition, it would be our pleasure to answer all your questions and clear your doubts concerning an event. We share our experiences and our knowledge to help you host and create a memorable event not only for your guests but for you as well.


As a professional event management company, Occasion Organizer follows a highly structured methodology that has emerged with years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing what we believe is the ultimate in personal service combined with business ethic and friendliness. We see this to be the key to our current success.

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Spectacular themes, delicious food, glorious settings, great entertainment acts, we plan & organize every single detail. Even with the tightest of budgets or the most difficult of deadlines, our versatility and experience makes the client at ease.

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The people behind Occasion Organizer are simple souls, always stirring creativity and enthusiastic to bring freshness in world of event Management. They are extremely well informed about the art of Event Management and also about the Entertainment world itself. Simple solutions to simple evenings, has been the buzzword at Occasion Organizer and it had been a pleasure seeking all that joy off the cuff of our clients. Currently into our 9th year of operations, we can boast of a clientele structure which will dilute anyone’s claim of a good business track record. We produced and staged innumerable services for events, corporate, institutions and private sector individuals across India. Occasion Organizer has been producing heart-winning services, be it large, small, or grand.

We’ve taken on the World of Event Management in the Northen Indian cities situated in Delhi,NCR Region with a young, promising , aspiring Event Management Team working with New Generation Ideas.
The art takes a professional demeanor, creativity, quick thinking, adaptability and reliability. The art lso requires well-planned logistics, excellent organization and flawless execution. Leveraging the talent, experience, energy and resources of Occasion Organizer for all your event needs, is the Motto of our Company.

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