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Q. What event services do you offer?

A. We offer everything you need for your next event, including event design, event management, event marketing, event catering, event entertainment, and all the other myriad services that help make every event we plan a huge success.

Q. Do you charge separately for your various event services?

A. Some of our services come standard, others are priced separately. In order to get an idea of what your event will cost, contact us to speak with one of our friendly event planners today. They can give you a free estimate based on your individual needs.

Q. Who handles my event?

A. We have a whole team of event planners, event designers, and event managers to meet your every need. They handle all the planning and arrangements. On the day of your event, they will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on having a good time with your guests.

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Q. What is event design?

A. Event design is the process of creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. It includes choosing the right décor, with elements like centerpieces, tables, chairs, staging, linens, lounge furniture, and china. Great event design helps your event stand out and leaves a lasting impression with everyone who attends.

Q. Why should I hire an event designer?

A. Hiring an event designer is the best way to make sure that the various elements of your event work together to create a unified theme. After all, you wouldn’t want plastic tables at your fancy dinner anymore than you would want nice glassware at your Wild West barbecue. When you work with Event Solutions, an event designer will always be a part of your event planning team.

Q. What is the difference between event design and event planning?

A. Event design is all about finding the right mix of aesthetic elements to bring your event to life. Event planners handle the logistical elements of your event, including everything from the catering to the entertainment to the parking.

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Q. What is event management?

A. Event management is like the inner workings of a watch: while the hands move across the face, the gears within drive the movement. An event manager handles all the behind-the-scenes aspects of your event on the day of, making sure that the food is on time, the entertainment is on hand, your guests can find a parking spot, and all your guests are taken care of.

Q. What event management services do you provide?

A. Our event managers handle everything, including arrivals and departures, ticketing and registration, securing the venue, permits, police and fire safety, security, transportation, valets, destination management, and anything else you can think of.

Q. What if I want to manage my own event?

A. We welcome your involvement in every step of the process when it comes to making your event come to life. If you want to oversee the logistics on the day of the event, we will still provide an event manager to assist you. However, we suggest that you take the opportunity to tend to your guests and let us worry about the logistics.

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Q. What is event marketing?

A. Event marketing is the secret weapon behind any successful corporate event, except employee appreciation and team building events. If you are hosting an event to promote your business in any way, our event marketing service can help make sure that your brand stays with people. We can get the word out about your event ahead of time and make sure no one forgets why they’re attending.

Q. What are some event marketing ideas?

A. We like to save our best event marketing ideas for when we actually speak to you, but we do have several examples of ways to market your business/event. In the past we’ve put together creative invitations, custom gift bags, social media campaigns, and company logos on everything from wall projections to cakes.

Q. Why should I hire an event marketer?

A. When you hire Event Solutions, event marketing is part of the package. Even if your company has its own marketing team, our event marketers will be more familiar with the specifics of your event, making them better equipped to handle this particular marketing job. If you like, we can work with your marketing team closely to make sure that everything is on message.

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Q. What is event production?

A. Event production combines all the elements of planning, marketing, and management to bring your corporate event, company picnic, or social party to life. It’s a blanket term that covers everything, from the catering to the décor to the floral arrangements.

Q. How is event production different from event planning?

A. To use a sports analogy, event planning is kind of like drawing up your playbook in football, whereas event production is about what actually happens on the field. Your event plan will shape the idea of your event beforehand, but our event production team will handle the execution. We take all the decorations and services you’ve requested and set them up at your chosen venue. With great event production, all you have to do is show and have fun on the day of your event.

Q. Is event production a separate service?

A. Of course. We couldn’t put on the great events that we do without the efforts of our experienced and enthusiastic event production team. Ocassion Organizer is more than just an event planning company. We are a full-service event production firm that brings truly memorable events to life.

Q. Why should I use Ocassion Organizer catering instead of a third party?

A. Ocassion Organizeris more than an event planning company. Our catering service is among the best in Southern California. Getting your food from us allows us to coordinate your entire event better, ensuring that the serving of the food coincides with the day’s events. In addition, many of our catering menus are specifically designed to go along with our event themes. For example, you can have a western barbeque platter that matches the mood of your Wild West themed company picnic.

Q. When will the food be delivered?

A. It won’t. As a matter of fact, we prepare all our catered meals fresh on site. We plan out everything to ensure that your food is served up hot, fresh, and on time. Our event planners will cover all of the details with you as they put together the plan for your event.

Q. What areas does your catering service cover?

A. Ocassion Organizeroffers catering in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County. Wherever you are in Southern California, we’ll come to you with the best food in town.

Q. Do you have a vegetarian option?

A. We have many vegetarian options for your catered meals. You can decide how to split up your order between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes any way you like. We want everyone to enjoy our delicious catering, so we can work around any and all of your guests’ dietary restrictions. This also includes gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free, vegan, kosher, halal, I-tal, and any other diets your guests may follow.

Q. Do you cater breakfast?

A. Yes. Our catering services are available any time of the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We even have specialized menus for each meal, with multiple breakfast options that can meet the needs of any event. In fact, our catered breakfasts are among our most popular meals.

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Q. Does your catering include wait service?

A. It can. Depending on the nature of your event, we will plan out the perfect meal just for you. Casual events are often best served by buffet-style meals, whereas fancier business dinners tend to get the full restaurant treatment (if your restaurant was private for just you and your guests). Rest assured that the catering will be a fully integrated facet of your event, tailored specifically to the theme and schedule of your event.

Q. What size groups do your catering meals serve?

A. Our catering service can accommodate any size party. Whether you are planning an intimate social function or a party for your whole company, Ocassion Organizerhas a catering solution that’s just the right size.

Q. What is the per person cost of your catered meals?

A. Our prices are competitive with all other Los Angeles catering companies. In fact, we offer superior value on almost everything we serve. We offer a wide range of dishes, meaning you can spend as much or as little per guest as you like. Call today for a free quote on your next event.

Q. Do you have a license to serve alcohol?

A. Yes, we can provide full bar services for any event. Our packages include beer, wine, and liquor. Just let us know what you and your guests want to drink, and we’ll make sure it’s in stock. Our bartenders are friendly, professional, and skilled at mixing any cocktail you can think of.

Q. Are there any restrictions on your full bar service?

A. There are sometimes restrictions on the service of alcohol, depending on your chosen venue. However, our event planners will advise you on those considerations before booking your venue. That way, we can ensure that you get the type of event you want at a location that works for you.

Q. What if there are children at my event?

A. We don’t serve alcohol to minors, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be present. Our beverage service includes every soft drink imaginable, including most popular soda brands and juices. We can also customize our drink menus to satisfy all your guests.

Q. Does your picnic catering come with tables and tents?

A. At Event Solutions, we have everything you need to make your company picnic a huge success. Although the food may be the centerpiece, it doesn’t make the best impression if you don’t have a place to eat it comfortably. We can supply tables, chairs, tents, utensils, and anything else you need to keep your guests happy.

Q. Do you have special picnic menus?

A. Our picnic catering is entirely specialized to suit the occasion. Our unique picnic offerings are based around the outdoor barbecue theme, featuring fresh items hot off the grill. You can browse a selection of our picnic catering menus on our Picnic Catering page.

Q. I want my picnic to be environmentally friendly. Is your company picnic catering green?

A. Ocassion Organizer takes environmental sustainability seriously, and to that end we offer eco-friendly options to all our customers. Call to ask about the steps we’re taking to curb our environmental impact and usher in a new age of green event planning.

Q. Where can I view your catering menu?

A. Our Catering Menus page has a list of the many dishes we serve. However, we can customize any of our offerings to meet your needs. For special requests and other inquiries, contact us to speak with one of our friendly event planners today.

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Q. What options do you offer for event entertainment?

A. Ocassion Organizeroffers a wide range of acts to keep your guests entertained at your next event. Event entertainment services include Artists, comedians, hypnotists, variety acts, and even celebrity speakers. Let us know what kind of event you want to throw, and we’ll find the perfect entertainer to please you and your guests.

Q. How far in advance do I have to book the entertainers?

A. We handle all the booking for you, so you never have to worry that your entertainment is unavailable. As with all our event planning services, we recommend that you contact us no later than one month before your event is scheduled. However, we have a full roster of entertainers at our beck and call, so last-minute arrangements can always be made.

Q. Can I choose my own entertainment?

A. Of course. As our client, you can be as involved as you like in every step of the process. If you would like to pick your own entertainment from our wide variety of choices, we can provide you with a list and even let you review their performances before making a decision. Our event planners are always happy to make recommendations if you’re unsure about your choice.

Q. Do you have any interactive entertainment options?

A. We do! Some of our most popular entertainment choices are interactive. They can still feature professional performers, like a hypnotist show where your guests come on stage for a demonstration. Or they can be fully interactive, like our casino nights that feature entertainment in the form of blackjack and baccarat tables.

Q. What kind of Artists do you offer?

A. We have all kinds of Artists, from people playing instruments to DJs spinning turntables. Virtually every genre of music is available and the performers can be as animated or reserved as you like. Whether you want your music to create an appropriate atmosphere or be the center of attention, we can find the perfect Artists option for your event.

Q. What kind of bands can I book?

A. We have all kinds of bands, from those who play a variety of popular styles to genre-specific and tribute bands. You can dance the night away to nothing but ‘80s covers or something more contemporary. Rock, funk, disco, pop, and almost every other style imaginable can be yours.

Q. I want something a little quieter. Can we have a more traditional musical act?

A. Of course. We don’t just do amped-up rock bands. We also have cool jazz combos and elegant string quartets to set the mood and allow your guests the leisure to talk without straining their voices. In fact, we can create any ambience you like with our musical acts.

Q. Why should I hire a comedian form my event?

A. A comedy show can be a great focal point for your event. Comedians keep your guests entertained and help keep the mood light. They are an especially popular choice for holiday parties, anniversaries, and other social parties, particularly during the time when dinner is served.

Q. Do you have any comedians that I might know?

A. We have a whole stable of comedians to choose from, all of whom are very funny. Being based in Los Angeles, we have unprecedented access to some of the most talented comedians on the planet. For a full list of the comedians we have available for your date, contact us to speak with a professional event planner today.

Q. What if the comedian says something controversial?

A. Under normal circumstances, this could be a big concern. Fortunately, Ocassion Organizerhas personal relationships with the comedians we book, ensuring their best behavior for every performance. You can rest easy knowing your event planner is there to communicate your needs to the comedian throughout the night. And if someone is offended, it’s us who take the heat.

Q. Why should I hire a celebrity speaker?

A. Celebrity speakers are great at all kinds of events. Whether you want to hold a corporate team-building event or a holiday party, a guest speaker can often be the most memorable part of your event. And with our Los Angeles location, we have more celebrities available than anywhere else in the world.

Q. What kind of celebrity speakers can I book?

A. Ocassion Organizercan let you choose from a wide range of celebrity speakers. Some popular choices include inspirational speakers, motivational speakers, master storytellers, and comedians. Some have mass appeal from their name alone while others may be more obscure to you and your guests. But even those guest speakers you may not have heard of are sure to delight; we guarantee you’ll be blown away by whomever we book.

Q. I have a specific celebrity speaker in mind. Can you book this person?

A. We want you to have everything you want. If that means a specific celebrity speaker for your event, we will make it happen. Our event planners have connections all over Southern California, so chances are we can book the person you want.

Q. Why should I hire a DJ for my event?

A. A DJ is the perfect entertainment choice for a number of events, especially if you want to dance. They can spin almost any kind of music you want and they are much quicker at setting up and breaking down than a live band. DJs are great for promotional events, social parties, and even holiday office parties.

Q. Do your DJs take requests?

A. Of course. Your event should be a good time for all. Your guests can request whatever they alike, although we’ll let you have the final say every time. Our DJs spin everything from Oldies to today’s biggest hits, and everything in between.

Q. Can I book a celebrity DJ?

A. At Event Solutions, we consider all of our entertainers stars. If you have a specific DJ in mind for your event, just let one of our event planners know and we’ll get right to work booking him or her. We go above and beyond to make your wildest dreams come true, so never hesitate to ask or exactly what you want.Bottom of Form


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