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Who doesn’t enjoy attending a birthday party? However, there are only a few who would be keen to host one considering all the hassle involved with it. A birthday party brings together close friends and family member to celebrate the special day of one meticulous person. However, just like any other party, it involves making a lot of preparations which calls for the need for spare time. This is what makes the whole deal very difficult and an exhausting process for most people these days and this is also why you deserve to take help from Event Organizer in Delhi.

Our work as party planners does not leave any work for you – we take absolute charge of an event and get all work done. Available all around the year, we are a team of experienced Event Organizer in Gurgaon who specialize in organizing birthday parties. Not only do we organize birthday parties for kids but also work for adults. We do everything that goes into making a party triumphant starting from making list of invitees to sending them out to planning the decoration and ensuring the safety of all guests. Hand over the charge to this Event Organizer in Noida and only plan about how you will enjoy the evening with your near and dear ones.

Professionals such as our team will take responsibility of your complete event leave-taking you worry free and allow you to enjoy the party with your dear ones. Our work as party planners will be to make sure that no feels dissatisfied with the arrangements or bored with the amusements offered. We also aim to keep everything organized so that there is no chaos even if there are a lot of guests.

We as an event management company in Delhi, we manage and organize events, festivals birthday parties, corporate functions , brand promotions , conference and seminars, and marriages, and many other related events. Years by years our events has raised many bars and made us a well-established event planner in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon.


We have the most unique selection of wedding decoration that fit to every theme, color and style as best event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon. We provide best floral designer for flower decoration in wedding. We have fresh and creative ideas to decorate your wedding by using candles, lights, vases, chandeliers, wedding arbors and arches, banners, crystal and pearl garlands and many other decorating accessories.

We provide a personalized service that ensures all aspects of your wedding day look exquisite. Wepay great attention to details and try to deliver more than we commit.


Selecting a venue is one of the first and biggest decisions you’ll have to make. We give valuable tips and advice for selecting a wedding location. According to your guest list, we plan your budget and select the right ceremony and reception venue. We give you the venue report that tells you what rates are going in your desired location and to check on date availability.

Our wedding coordinators are there to make sure the entire venue employees are informed of your reception plan and to take care of the venue. (i.e. make sure they have ample power for the DJ, photo booth and other vendors, parking lots are clear, etc.) as event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon


Parties wedding and many other ceremonies are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. As a leading event management company in Delhi and event organizer in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon, we have modern caterers who bring lot of thoughtful touches and innovative ideas to intimate your events or ceremony. We provide warm services, customized menus, beautiful table settings and a memorable night. The chefs are creative with clean flavors, impressive plating and impeccable service and their staffs are rigorously trained. Our team has years of experience in catering and hospitality.


DJs are the life of any party, wedding and other events. We offer party DJ, private DJ and Indian wedding DJs as well. We provide professional DJs who are familiar with the details that make a wedding reception lively, such as typical wedding songs, dances and games.

A wedding DJ has very important role in the wedding. Besides music, he is responsible for conducting the schedule and the flow of the wedding reception. As well-known Event Management Company in Delhi we ensure to deliver best quality services to our clients, so we always try to provide such types of service to prove us as reliable event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon.


Jaimala is an Indian wedding ritual in which, the bride and the groom pot fresh flower garland into each other’s neck.

We specialize in jaimala theme and bride entry. Our management company ensures to provide best and different types of wedding jaimala. Just to name a few there are lotus theme, led themes, Cinderella ball, vintage car, baggi, palki, London bridge theme and many more which make the occasion glittering and worth attending for all the guests present. These jaimala themes make your wedding day more elegant and special.


We as an event management company in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon and we have done all events to perfection to make your wedding ceremony special and memorable. We have one of the finest dance teams assembled in Delhi. We provide the best dance troupes for your wedding ceremony who are known for their big moves and themes that overwhelm and charm the guests present. The dance troupe is also known for its bollywood, hip-hop and couple choreography and their bright and beautiful costumes.

Not just there dancing abilities, but personality and the skill to interact with the audience that makes the dance troupe different. They perform many dance styles like hip-hoop, jazz, contemporary, belly dancing, latin and salsa dance, folk dance, bollywood dance and lot more. The dance troupe consists of not just great dancers, but superb actors and crowd engaging boys and girls as well. Giving an entertaining face to the clients is our foremost concern.


Weddings are a very essential part of our Indian culture. It is a special moment in a person’s life, which is made more special by the Vedic rituals and ambience. Wedding pandits are a necessity for the authentic wedding experience. The pandit provides various mahurats i.e. auspicious day, date and time on which the vivah puja shall yield the best results.

You need the right pandit to tie the knot. We provide a pandit who is fluent in speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and many other languages. The pandit will explain the significance and meaning of Vedic mantras from Sanskrit in simple language, so we arrenge professional Pandit for the event so you can this more about us for top event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon


Our Event Management Company is one of the leading companies in Delhi. We offer complete solution for organizing any event. We provide most of the outstanding and excellent Indian artists. The services offered includes complete solution of arranging the leading artists, musicians, choreographers, models playback singers, celebrities, DJs, dancers like belly dancers, latin and salsa dancers, etc. and lot more.

We have a team of highly professional members who are known for offering well renowned service and also organize events that are worthy to be appreciated. The staff members have a very good network that helps them in communicating with all the leading artists and helps in organizing a great event. Each client is very precious for the company so the services offered to individual client are customized according to need of the client.


We specialize in providing exclusive event management in Delhi and event organizer in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon. Organizing corporate events is one the most highly acclaimed services provided by our event management company. The entire event is organized by highly skilled staff members. The arrangements made for the event includes arrangements for the decoration of the venue as per the requirement of the company as well as the client, proper arrangement of food and several other arrangements as specified by the client.

We incorporate latest technology and employ vastly experienced professionals who ensure that every event is hassle-free and impactful. We aim to deliver a well-organized and successful corporate event that adds value to your overall objectives.


With our un-ended journey, we have collected a lot of experiences and constantly upgrade our strengths in all areas of event management. We provide qualitative services for promotion activity that helps the clients in brand recognition and visibility of product. For this we organize various modes of promotions that include road shows, in-shop promotion, mall promotion, and canopy promotion, layout detailing and many more. These several services will directly enhance the brand value of the product in the market as event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon.


An array of talented and experienced anchors add spark to the event. We have the best male/female anchors available for corporate events, wedding, personal events, etc. Our anchors can speak Hindi or English according to your requirement. We provide quality services on an affordable price. With years of experience, we provide the best anchors or emcee that can host any event, let it be sangeet sandhya, pool party, mehendi function or reception, they host them all.

The anchor follows the general order of events with thanks and acknowledgements to the wedding party. Our anchors make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


Conferences are popular and important business event whereas seminars are educational event for the training of managers and employees. Being the leading event organizers in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, we know the important elements which should be incorporated in the event. We make proper arrangements such as spacious place, stage, comfortable seats, installation of high quality projection screens with premium grade music systems and a decent ambience for formal meeting. We provide various services related to conferences and seminars like projectors, audio & video equipment, led walls, led screens, stage backdrop and all necessary production material.

We take extra effort in understanding the conference requirements, once the venue has been confirmed. As an event management company, we deliver high quality conferences and seminars with all requirements.


We have a group of guitar artists in Delhi; they perform in different formats like solo, duet and group as per the requirements of the client. We act as an interface between the client and the artist and make certain all details are covered and thus ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. Guitar players are the perfect compliment to almost any event. From backyard parties to high end formal events, our guitarist brings beautiful music to the party. The artist has the variety of music to please any audience. They can take any song from any genre and transform it into a beautiful arrangement for wedding ceremony. Sit back, relax and enjoy the songs played on guitar.


Being a successful event organizers in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon, we have a strong association with the big wigs of the entertainment industry and other fields of talent. We provide the best saxophonist in New Delhi, NCR with average budget and with best quality for your event. We offer best saxophone players who are vibrant and professional with several years of experience.

Our saxophonists have a wide variety of music and they mingle with the guests on the dance floor while improvising over funky tracks alongside a DJ. Saxophone artist create sophisticated yet elegant atmosphere.


A magician will add a touch of sophistication and sparkle to your events; it is by far the best form of entertainment you could choose for your guests. We provide experienced magician, illusionist mind reader, quick change act and lot more. The performers are available in various genres. They deliver the best and exclusive acts for your guests. as processional event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon

It is important insure that your guests stay entertained throughout the day, our magicians perform at various points not only to ensure that everyone gets to see them but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.


We have much experienced flute players in Delhi who are professional ant elegant. They work with organists and other instrumentalists seamlessly, to make your ceremony more special. The flute artist creates the perfect program for the ceremony; from start to end the flute music add an extra hint of elegance to your special day. They perform classical music, fusion, pop, folk, and spiritual music, solo or with other musicians as well.

Our flutist surpasses all expectations with their amazing flute playing and makes your wedding music memorable to everyone present.


We being a leading event management company in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon, we hold immense specialty in presenting our clients an advanced degree of service. To bring a colorful, exciting, energetic and graceful atmosphere to your wedding or function our dancers make it stand-out from the rest by their performances.

As we are a professional event organizer and planner in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon, we provide perform variety of dance acts like retro dance, Caribbean dance, Sufi dance act, bhangra dance act and lot more. Our spectacular dancers create a spell bounding atmosphere as they depict stories with their beautiful choreography. They showcase an impressive array of glitzy and dazzling costumes and impressive added extras such as props, lighting, backdrops and accompanying singers as well. The dancers energize the event with colorful explosion of cultural entertainment.

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