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The state of Rajasthan is famed for its rich regal culture and heritage. The arid nature of the region, the extreme climatic conditions, scarcity of water and vegetation has witnessed evolvement of unique cooking styles and food habits of the natives that is noticeably different from other Indian cuisines. The Rajasthanis have moulded their culinary styles in such a way that many of their dishes can be shelved for several days and served without heating. The royal heritage of the region as well as the gastronomic enthusiasm among locals have led to a wide variety of delectable and exquisite Rajasthani dishes starting from main courses to snacks to sweet dishes. Some items like Dal-Baati-Churma and Bikaneri Bhujia have garnered both national and international popularity among foodies.

The smell of crisp vadas or soft mysore bajji, the sound of spluttering mustard seeds, the taste of piping-hot sambar made with fresh tamarind, and the touch of feather-light, soft idli’s– there’s no doubt that South Indian food is a treat to the senses. Dosa and chutney are just a brief trailer to a colourful, rich and absolutely fascinating culinary journey that is South India. With its 5 states, 2 union territories, rocky plateau, river valleys and coastal plains, the south of India is extremely different from its Northern counterpart.

Occasion Organizer is making way for making your dream come true of having Hyderabad Delights and Andhra style recipes with various food options like famous Hyderabadi biryani’s , starters , Andhra style veg & non-veg curries as well as south indian sweet dishes in Noida, Gurgaon & Delhi Regions.

A typical chinese meal will have two things – a carbohydrate or starch like noodles, rice or buns, and accompanying stir fries or dishes of veggies, fish and meat. They use a lot of fresh vegetables like mushroom, bamboo. In North China, wheat-based accompaniments like noodles and steamed buns dominate the table, in contrast to South China where rice is a favourite. The short-grain rice grown throughout Southern China, is absolutely irresistible.

Each dish focuses on creating a balance between three aspects – appearance, aroma, and taste. They pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic appearance of the food with diversified colours like sauces,  spice powder,  vinegar, root garlic, fresh ginger and others are used generously to offer a complex play of flavour and aroma.

Occassion Orginzer team is best in serving you all variety of chinese favorite food items dimsums, soups,chilly chicken, spring rolls, manchurian or chowmein etc.

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