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Though popular belief has it that Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of peak winter, this festival is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops. The traditional time to harvest sugarcane crops is January, therefore, Lohri is seen by some to be a harvest festival. And thus, Punjabi farmers see the day after Lohri (Maghi) as the financial New Year.

Rewri and groundnuts, anyone?As anyone who has ever celebrated the festival in full fervour around the bonfire would tell you–gur rewri, peanuts and popcorns are the three edibles associated with this festival. Besides these, in Punjab’s villages, it is a tradition to eat gajjak, sarson da saag and makki di roti on the day of Lohri. It is also traditional to eat ’til rice’–sweet rice made with jaggery (gur) and sesame seeds.


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New Year Party

In many countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink alcoholic beverages, and watch or light fireworks to mark the new year.

While some of  the New Year Parties bring reflection of the 12 months that sped by, for Ocassion Organizer, New Year means new beginnings, starting with the New Year Party! We will ensure whatever fun you’ve missed over the year – You can catch-up in this one night with us.

Some of the exciting things we do are

  • Plan a exciting dinner with all your best ones
  • Play the Year in Review game.
  • Serve the kids cookies & milk
  • Play New Year’s Eve bingo.
  • Give Kisses® at midnight.
  • Plan an romantic day at best destinations

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